I help established businesses run better.

Even if you’re making a profit.
Even if you’ve been doing this for years.

I take the most boring thing in the world and give you one of the most important tools for running your business well.

I write operations manuals.

I organize the nuts and bolts of how your business runs into my detailed template, and create a customized operation manual (or manuals) that you and your managers will use far into the future.

It’s the manual that you and your managers reach for when you need important information at your fingertips. Like your car manual, only customized for your business.

Once the manual is complete, you will see where you shine and where you need to do better. Knowing that some areas need improvement is just fine; I can help you with that too.

I can improve your systems and processes.

I work with small to medium-sized companies in most industries.

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