About Marie

Marie Mills, Business Operations ConsultantI have over ten years’ experience helping businesses improve processes, streamline workflow, and document operations. I’ve worked for very small companies to large corporations. I received my bachelor’s degree and a certificate in Business Analysis at the University of Washington.

Prior to that, I trained to cook professionally, worked in a variety of restaurants, and co-owned a catering company, gaining first-hand experience at running a food-based business.

I absolutely love working with business owners.

It takes a certain blend of confidence and crazy to run a business. I’ve always felt at my best when working directly with the individuals I am trying to help, improving their work by understanding their needs and frustrations at the root level.


Around Lummi Island

When I’m not working, I can probably be found exploring open water by sea kayak, scrambling up a mountain, or cooking.

I’ve been athletic my whole life and was lucky to grow up in the Pacific Northwest, a natural playground for exploring beautiful places, developing strength and endurance, and pushing my limits.

I volunteer at the local animal shelter and help socialize kittens with bad manners (ferals) to be loving pets. I also do my best to help my 88-year-old mother live as independently as possible, despite the fact that she denies she is in any way aging or needs my help.


Wooden Sea Kayak

A calm day on the west coast in my home built.

Rock Stemming

Playing in the southwest canyons