Web Pic_Owner's Manual_borderBecause an oral tradition is no way to run a business.

Smart business owners know that saving time and money is key to profitability and success.

So, get that information out of your head and written down where you can see it, share it, and be confident that your business is running exactly how you want it to run, even when you aren’t there.

An Operations Manual is key to business efficiency and growth.

Less time and energy spent reminding managers and staff on how to handle a food inspector visit, the protocol for handling and unhappy customer, or frantic interruptions when the power goes out.

Instead, expect faster on-boarding, consistent work practices, and more time and energy available for opening your next store or maybe even spending time on something other than your business.

Imagine that.

And the best part is that you don’t have to write it yourself.

Clear Solutions starts with a detailed template and customizes it to your specific business in a format that is easy to use, easy to update.

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